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    Sharing love and building community through food


    Chef Myer is a Personal Chef with a passion for designing nourishing meals using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Born and raised in Fresno California, Kate has been cooking since needing a step stool to reach the stove and wrote a cookbook at age 6. Chef Myer attended culinary school in Southern California where a love for plant-based cooking blossomed. Kate has cooked for individuals and families with a wide variety of needs and health challenges and has been honered to cook for clients recovering from major surgeries, on hospice, experiencing difficult pregancies and navigating chronic illness.


    Chef Kate's previous experience includes working as a Chef at the internationally renowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur and was the Catering, Events and Concessions Manager for the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. Kate worked in multiple Central Coast restaurants and has catered, cooked and managed events all over the West Coast.


    Chef Myer draws inspiration from California's vibrant and abundant produce and firmly believes in honoring the ingredients and cultural heritage of each lovingly prepared dish. Kate's food reflects the rich flavors of the Central Valley.

  • Services

    Chef Myer specializes in farm to table cuisine with in-depth experience cooking for clients who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten intolerant, and autoimmune

    Whatever your dietary needs, Chef Myer will lovingly and respectfully create delicious and nourishing meals

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    Meal Prep and Coaching

    Email for rates and availability

    Sliding scale is available for coaching

    Meal prep and in person coaching currently offered in Fresno County



    Options available: 

    In Home Meal Prep - Full service meal preparation, including grocery shopping and cleaning. Menus created specifically for you and your dietary needs. Meals are portioned in your storage containers with instructions for reheating.


    Coaching - Get inspired, learn new recipes, tips and skills. One-on-one in home coaching sessions available to support you in your journey with food. Cook with Kate and discover your passion for preparing creative and delicious meals. Can include farmer's market tour and/or grocery shopping to get a chef's perspective on procuring ingredients.


    Kitchen & Pantry Reorganization - This service is available to add on to any meal prep or coaching session. Part ways with those spices that expired in 1992 and optimize your kitchen space.


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    Private Dinners

    Email for a quote and scheduling

    Pricing varies based on the menu and number of guests. Maximum of 12 guests please

    Private dinners are available in California

    (services offered outside of Fresno County are subject to a travel fee)

    Please note: These services and must be booked at least 6 weeks in advance


    Event Chef Services - Specialized menu for any occasion. You provide the venue and kitchen and Chef Myer will procure the highest quality ingredients to create beautiful dishes for you and your loved ones.

    Florals are available at an additional cost.

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    Email for a quote and scheduling

    Retreat Chef services are available on the West Coast

    (services offered outside of Fresno County are subject to a travel fee)

    Please note: These services and must be booked at least 6 weeks in advance


    Retreat Chef - Book Chef Myer to cook for retreats of all types (yoga, women's retreats, team building, etc.) Kate's experience living and working at the Esalen Institute makes this service even more unique for your participants. Menus will be created that perfectly compliment your offerings and Chef Myer can also offer demonstrations and workshops for your guests.


  • Get to know Kate Myer

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    On a more personal note

    Not just a cook . . .

    Cooking is one of my great loves and passions and there is so much more to me than just food. I am permaculture design certified, an artist, a gardener and intuitive.

    I am committed to supporting local and small businesses in Fresno and showing up for community in any way I am able.


    all photos credited to Kiana Hernandez

    Kiana Shoots Photography
    Instagram: @kianashoots
    Facebook: Facebook.com/kianashoots

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